D. Woods Talks About Her 'New Opportunities' After Danity Kane

Singer says the 'situation would have to be right' for her to ever return to the 'Making the Band' girl group.

During the season-three finale of "Making the Band 4" last week, the women of Danity Kane made it clear that there will be no reunion in the near future. The girls each shared what they'd be doing in their post-Danity Kane lives, which, for Dawn Richard, includes continuing to work with Diddy.

As for D. Woods, she's ready to move on and make some music on her own. Although she wasn't spilling all the beans, she did say that fans can expect new music from her very soon. "I'm currently working on an album now," she told MTV News. "I have a single that will be released in late spring, early summer. I've been doing a lot of studio work for myself and writing for other artists and projects."

D. Woods has also been branching out and including other types of projects on her résumé, like writing for TV and film. "I'm putting on my little executive-producer hat. I've been pitching material," she said. "I have a background in theater and acting. I'm really excited. I've been making new opportunities."

D. Woods — who described the finale as "the last day of school" — said for her to come back to Danity Kane, after being fired during the season finale last October, things would have to change and the girls would have to talk out their issues. "I think the situation would have to be right," she added. "I'm moving on to the next grade."