Adam Lambert Dictionary Expands 'American Idol' Fans' Vocabularies

With more than 100 entries, the effort is a guide to all things Adam.

At this point in the competition, the judges on "American Idol" appear to be running out of superlatives to describe how much they adore Adam Lambert's performances. Perhaps they should try something like "Adamlicious" or "Lamberlove" or "Glambulocity."


Those are just a few of the many, many Lambert-centric words in an Adam Lambert Dictionary, which was recently posted by some self-described "Teenage Glamberts" (noun used to describe a person in their teen years who is part of the Adam Lambert fan community) and contains dozens of Lambert-ized phrases employed by the superfans to describe their favorite "Idol" contestant.

In addition to offering up text-ready abbreviations for some of the songs Lambert has performed on the show — including BoW for "Black or White," RoF for "Ring of Fire" and ToMT for "Tracks of My Tears" — the dictionary contains more than 100 Lambertisms to describe every phase of Lambert worship.

Some choice selections include:

Adafect: The ultimate level of perfection, which can only be achieved by Adam Lambert. As close to godlike as any mortal can get. Uses: Adam Lambert is so adafect!

Adam and the Also-Rans: "American Idol" season eight and the "American Idol" tour.

Adamafied: To be under Adam's spell.

Adamaholics: Those who are addicted to Adam.

Adamaniacs: Millions of crazed Adam fans who just can't get enough of his amazing voice and overall sexy style.

Adamatoepoeia: Any onomatopoeia used when watching/ listening to/ reading about Adam — i.e. groaning because you can never be that sexy (argh), squealing when you see him (squee), etc.

Adamdose: An overdose on Adam. Often brought on by too many viewings of the photo thread.

Adamflies/Adamaches: The feeling of nervousness and excitement we get on Tuesdays and Wednesdays knowing that a new Adam performance/outfit/viewing is only hours away!!

Adamlaphic Shock: What happens when one goes too long without seeing Adam pictures and hearing Adam's music.

Adamnator: Kind of like the Terminator, but used in the context of Adam on "American Idol," when he's leaving the other contestants quaking in their boots from his awesome talent.

Adam's Eve: Official new name for Monday. (Meaning the day before Tuesday when we can see Adam perform again!)

Adomized: What happens to a song when Adam injects his magic and changes the atoms of the song.

Baby Glambert: A Glambert age 14 or younger.

Dark Lord Screamanova: The name Danny Gokey fans gave to Adam. The Glamberts are called the Loyal Minions of the Dark Lord Screamanova.

Fanadamsizing: Fantasizing about Adam.

Fanbert: Male fan of Adam Lambert. Also see: Manbert.

Glambacile: Those who aren't familiar with the Glambert dictionary.

Glambertize: As in fixing oneself up so that you look a fraction as good as Adam. Example: Girl please go glambertize yourself, 'cause you're looking a hot mess right now.

Glambilly: Redneck Adam fan and proud of it.

Glamdiggers: A style of pants with lace up sides usually worn in warm weather. They are designed to end mid-calf or just below the calf. More recently, the length of the pants has been shortened to just below the knee in some designs usually made with leather or Egyptian cotton.

Lambercrastination: Procrastinating on doing things non-Adam-related.

Lamberlove: That unexplainable feeling of intoxication and addiction we have for Adam.

Lamberman: A man who loves Adam, like Randy Jackson. Also see: LamberMancrush.

Lambertize: Adam makes every song his own — the song has been Lambertized.

Lambots: What we become when we are mesmerized by his awesomeness.

Lambucks: The coffee you drink in the morning thinking about Adam.

SHDDG: Smokin' Hot Drop Dead Gorgeous, a.k.a. Adam's inner and outer beauty.

WWAD: What Would Adam Do? Use this when you are about to post/ say something not so nice. Rethink it and ask yourself, "What would Adam do?"

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