Exclusive: Stephanie Pratt Ponders Heidi And Spencer's Future

'Hills' newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt won't be having babies soon, she thinks.

On Saturday, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt finally made the leap into wedded bliss, but Spencer's little sister, Stephanie Pratt, doesn't think babies are in their near future.

"No!" said Pratt, who was one of Heidi's bridesmaids at the ceremony, which was held Saturday at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, California. "I see them buying a house and maybe buying a dog."

Stephanie does hope that the newest member of the Pratt family will take some time away from Spencer to spend with her new sister-in-law.

Heidi And Spencer's Wedding

"I hope they do everything together still, but I hope Heidi makes time for me," she said. "I hope she puts in some other time [with her friends] now that they're married, [and] she can hang out finally and have some girlfriends in L.A."

After that ambivalent remark, Pratt added, "I am so happy they found each other."

The ceremony, which had 200 guests, was a lot bigger than Stephanie had expected. "Everything worked out great," she said. "My parents were there. They were very emotional, like most parents would be."

Stephanie said she had a hard time keeping it together herself during the ceremony, but she had to, by order of the blushing bride. "I was up there, and her back was towards me, so I don't know if she was crying," Stephanie said. "But she [would have been] mad at me if we started crying."