Dawn Richard Plans Her Life After Danity Kane

After working with Diddy on Last Train to Paris, the singer hopes to release a solo album.

Last week, four out of the five members of [artist id="2400155"]Danity Kane[/artist] made it pretty clear that right now, there's no way they are ready to reunite the group. For now, the girls will be going on five separate career paths.

As the only former member of DK left on Bad Boy, Dawn Richard is already busy working with [artist id="1244169"]Diddy[/artist] on his latest project.

"I'm working with the new group called Dirty Money for Diddy's new album, Last Train to Paris. I'm proud of being a part of it," she told MTV News, explaining that the new short hairdo she showed off on the "Making the Band" season finale last week was inspired by this new project. "I'm working with Puff on this new album, and he's making a movie, and he's doing a whole thing, so I thought it'd be dope."

Once Richard is through with Last Train, she said she would love to start some work on a solo album, which she hopes will have an "electro" vibe similar to Diddy's upcoming work.

"Hopefully, in the future, there'll be great things," she said about her solo music. "I want it to be a part of the same direction that [Diddy's] album is going in. I feel a comfy vibe in it. It's new. It's never been heard before. I love the sound that it fits in."

As excited as she is to work on her own, Richard still thinks that maybe, possibly, one day in the future, Danity Kane could reunite. "[The idea of a reunion] is beautiful," she said. "I've said every time, I would love to do it again. Us onstage is amazing."

In the meantime, Richard is supportive of her former bandmates' other plans, including Aubrey O'Day's new reality show. "Great for her. She'll be amazing," Richard said. "I love these girls. These girls are great. It was a beautiful journey. I knew it'd be cool."