Clipse Are Just Happy People Like Leaked Kanye West Collaboration

'The response has been crazy,' Pusha T says of 'Kinda Like a Big Deal.'

MIAMI — The [artist id="1189492"]Clipse[/artist] love the fan reaction, but once again, they had a record come out before it was time. The brothers had planned a grand introduction of their new single, "Kinda Like a Big Deal," with Kanye West. The artwork for the single was done by Kaws, and the duo were in the process of mastering the song before it hit the Net earlier this week.

"We heard it leaked — God!" Pusha T said standing on Collins Avenue with his brother, Malice.

The duo said they wanted to roll everything out at the right time.

"Just when we had everything in order," Push said of the timeline to release the record, "it just happens. We're happy [artist id="1230523"]Kanye[/artist] got on the record. The response has been crazy. Rave reviews about it. Thanks for everybody lending an ear."

The record was produced by DJ Khalil and has a rock-and-roll, jungle-type feel. Kanye gets on the track and describes his style as a cross between [artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist] and [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist].

"I guess I'm like the black Marshall meets Jay," 'Ye raps.

"Kanye was in Japan somewhere [when he laid his verse]. He called and was like, 'I'll have your verse done in two hours.' Two or three hours, it was done," Push said of the collabo.

"It was just how we was feeling at the time, as far as the Clipse and a Kanye collaboration with the artwork, Kaws," the younger Clipse member explained of the blissful, boastful content. "The name of the song is 'Kinda Like a Big Deal' — everything around that had to be big. It's just how we was feeling. This third album is kinda like a big deal, the collaboration, all of that, is like a big deal."

"Being back with Pharrell is like a big deal," Malice interjected.

The brothers are indeed back with Skateboard P on the album. Mal and Push describe the work Williams has done thus far as very broad.

The Clipse's Till the Casket Drops is tentatively set to come out in September. And the two promise big radio records to go with their M.O. of those gritty street jams.