Lil Wayne Charms The Ladies Of 'The View'

The New Orleans MC performs upcoming single 'Prom Queen' and sits down with the women for an interview.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] had a pretty uneventful day in court Thursday, but on Friday morning (April 24), he had a chance to possibly make new fans while sitting down with the ladies of ABC's "The View."

While on the show, Wayne talked about getting his GED and subsequently attending the University of Houston as a psychology major. He also told the hosts that he switched to taking online classes via the University of Phoenix.

While the women on the show seemed charmed by Wayne's Southern swagger, they could not get over his diamond grillz.

"They are my form of braces," the MC said with a grin.

For the most part, the interview was light and Wayne even handled a question from Elisabeth Hasselbeck about smoking weed and drinking syrup with a calm grin. When asked if he was dependent on the vices, the New Orleans Grammy-winner replied, "I depend on God and motivation. I don't depend on cough syrup and marijuana. I never have."

Wayne appeared on the show to promote his new album, Rebirth, and performed the first single, "Prom Queen." He shied away from calling the album a "rock album," stressing that the record is just a reflection of where he is today.

According to his camp, the second single from Rebirth is slated to be the leaked record "Hot Revolver." The album has been pushed back and should drop sometime this summer.