Danity Kane's D. Woods: 'MTB' Finale Was Like 'Last Day Of School'

'I'm moving on to the next grade,' singer says after DK's appearance on 'Making the Band.'

Fans may have been expecting fireworks when all five girls of [artist id="2400155"]Danity Kane[/artist] finally reunited with each other and [artist id="1244169"]Diddy[/artist], for the season-three finale of "Making the Band 4" on Thursday.

But only four of the girls arrived — Audrea Fimbres opted to stay out of it — and there were no fireworks. The girls and their former boss kept their composure as they confirmed that Danity Kane was no more.

Hours before D. Woods appeared on the show, she told MTV News that the finale felt like "the last day of school. I'm moving on to the next grade."

Thursday was the first time that most of the girls had seen each other since last October's shocking season finale, when Diddy fired Woods and Aubrey O'Day. Woods told MTV News that the level of communication since the breakup was actually pretty similar to when they were still a group.

"This is the nice answer that I give: The lines of communication that were in existence during the group exist after the group, meaning me and Aubrey talk a lot," Woods said. "I talk to Shannon sometimes. That's who I talk to."

In an episode that aired a week before the finale, Diddy said he'd consider remaking Danity Kane with just Dawn. But on Thursday night, he reversed that decision and said that DK would exist only with its original members.

In the final episode, Woods seemed to be pretty against the idea of getting back together right now. "I would have to say, we need to have a real conversation about what making it work means," she told MTV News earlier. "If you don't really address the problems, you'll be in the same predicament. You have to be sober about making these decisions."