Eminem Says Relapse 2 Is Almost Done

Next single from Relapse is slated to be "3 A.M."

[artist id="502642"]Eminem[/artist] got into detail about his forthcoming album, Relapse, (due May 19) during an interview with Shade 45's Angela Yee on "The Morning After" Sirius satellite radio show on Thursday, explaining why the album will only feature [artist id="1061"]Dr. Dre[/artist] and [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] as collaborators.

Dre produced the majority of the album, save for one track Em did himself. The rapper said Dre's handling the bulk of the production allowed him to experiment even more with his flow on this project, compared with his previous efforts.

"I really got a chance to step away from the boards," Em said. "I tried to pick the [Dre beats] that challenged me, rhythm-wise. I ended up experimenting with a bunch of different flows. I try to do that every album, but this time I had a chance to go all out with it. Make every flow different and pick unique beats."

(Em has also put together an elaborate viral campaign for Relapse.)

Following the release of "We Made You" earlier this month, the next single from Relapse is slated to be "3 A.M.," a darker selection on the album, according to Em. A video for the song was recently shot in Detroit and is rumored to be available later this week. Relapse 2, which Em has said he wants to release later this year, is also almost complete, he added.

"It's extremely close to being finished," he said of the sequel LP. "It just depends on how many songs I wanna put on it."