Plies Compiles A Collabo Wish List For New LP, Including Jadakiss

'I'm putting together something that's real, real special,' the Florida MC says.

[artist id="2034479"]Plies'[/artist] new single "Plenty Money" drops soon and, after that, he's going to shift his focus to a whole new album that he hopes to have out in late summer or early fall. But, unlike his previous three LPs, the Florida native will have guest rappers on this project — and he already has a handful of MCs in mind.

"Actually, right now I got a list of five," he revealed to MTV News recently. "I ain't really gonna go over that five in terms of this particular project, 'cause I don't want a compilation album. I know a lot of times I see a lot of artists that come out and they got people on their album that collectively may have sold 20 million records. And at that point, I don't really know if it's about you, but it allows you to tap into other people's markets that probably wouldn't have been checking for you. And for me, I just want to make good music.

"But in terms of the top five that I got on there, that's one of the things I wanted to be a big surprise," he continued. "But I'm going into every session that I have had with all these other artists and I'm putting together something that's real, real special that I'm releasing probably the first week in June. Letting everybody know the top five, doing a countdown of all the artists I'm working with on this album."

The featured guests hail from all over the map. "I got up top, got Atlanta, got Memphis — got two from Atlanta, actually," he explained. "And one from Memphis. I ain't got my New York artist yet, 'cause I got two that I'm a really big fan of."

Actually, Plies has three Big Apple spitters he's thinking about reaching out to for his album. "I've always told him that I was open about being a big supporter of Jadakiss," Plies said of the LOX member. "I met him in Philly, but like I told him, I was f---ing with him for a while. I never forget the line he used about how he was 'the first man to cook base on a Foreman grill.' That was the sh--! And then I'm a big Maino fan, as well as [Fabolous]. Those three dudes I always f--- with."

There is also talk about collaborating with big-name producers such as Timbaland on the new album, which is currently untitled.