'American Idol' Trading Cards: Get Your Hands On Adam Lambert, Kris Allen

The 138-card set features contestants, rejects, judges and memorable moments from all eight seasons.

We'll give you two [artist id="1933909"]Bo Bices[/artist], a William Hung and a [artist id="2481017"]Jennifer Hudson[/artist] for your Adam Lambert rookie card. A Katharine McPhee, Kara DioGuardi and [artist id="1933910"]Carrie Underwood[/artist] for your Allison Iraheta signature edition? Deal.

These types of high-stakes negotiations are probably happening at a card shop near you right now (we'd do the Iraheta trade, BTW), thanks to the good folks at Upper Deck, who have just released their first batch of super-deluxe "American Idol" trading cards, a 138-card set featuring contestants, rejects, judges and memorable moments from all eight seasons of the show.

Sure, swapping your favorite "Idol" contestants has been possible in the past, but with Upper Deck taking over the trading-card license, the sets have never been this packed with gloriously glossy ephemera.

Reaching back over the entire history of the show, the series features randomly inserted autograph cards from past Idols like David Archuleta and Jordin Sparks (we totally got a Matt Breitzke signature card — complete with certificate of authenticity! — in the pack Upper Deck sent over to us), so-called "Makeover Lenticular" cards, showing contestants' before-and-after transformations, "Almost an Idol" cards showcasing some of the most colossal flameouts from the audition rounds (think William Hung), cards featuring "Memorable Moments" in "Idol" history, and, uh, judges' cards (which means you can finally get your hands on that DioGuardi rookie).

Cards come five to a pack, and every pack comes with a Daily Prize card, which gives one lucky fan the chance to win a trip for two to the "American Idol" season-eight finale. The Upper Deck "American Idol" set is now on sale at a Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, Toys "R" Us or hobby shop near you. And if you're lucky, maybe someone like Kristy Lee Cook or Taylor Hicks will sell them to you! (Sorry, we're mean.)

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