Rob Dyrdek Loves 'American Idol,' But Not The Fourth Judge

'I would bet money she's not there next year,' he says of Kara DioGuardi.

Of all the controversies surrounding this year's season of "American Idol" — lip-synched group performances, a semifinalist being disqualified, the introduction of the "judges' save" — none are more heated than the question of the fourth judge. Kara DioGuardi joined Simon, Randy and Paula at the panel for the start of season eight, and the hating began almost immediately.

Now one MTV reality star has joined in the ongoing Kara smackdown, going so far as to predict she'll soon be booted from the show.

"I would bet money she's not there next year," said Rob Dyrdek, the professional skater and star of MTV's "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory." He spoke with MTV News while on the red carpet for Justin Timberlake's new show, "The Phone."

Dyrdek, a huge "Idol" fan, insists he hasn't missed an episode in five years. He attended last week's live show, sitting just behind Randy and getting a close look at all the judges — as he has all season, Dyrdek came away unimpressed with DioGuardi.

"I think what it is — she just doesn't fit," Dyrdek explained. "I feel like her opinion is neither here nor there.

"The thing about Paula, Simon, Randy, is it's the perfect blend," he continued. "Where Paula's trying not be mean — like, all over the map — Randy's being cool but subtle and Simon gives exactly how it is. And that's a solid dynamic. You have the other chick kind of trying to find her place while it's happening. It doesn't work."

Dyrdek's low opinion of DioGuardi, however, hasn't dampened his enthusiasm for the show. While he believes Adam Lambert will win the entire contest ("He's 10 steps above everybody else"), Dyrdek's personal favorite is Danny Gokey, whose wife died shortly before his "Idol" audition.

"Being in love and being married and having someone die like that so young," said Dyrdek, "for his story, I hope he goes on to be successful."

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