Meet Susan Boyle's Competition, Shaheen Jafargholi

'Britain's Got Talent' judge calls 12-year-old a 'young Stevie Wonder.'

Over the weekend, singing sensation Susan Boyle was just beginning to get used to her instant, worldwide fame when she learned the #1 lesson of Internet infamy: It doesn't last.

While Boyle was setting up chats with "Oprah," CNN and every other news outlet that could get her "gobsmacked" reaction to being viewed more than 50 million times on YouTube, another "Britain's Got Talent" singer (who has also likely never been kissed) was already waiting in the wings.

Welsh singer Shaheen Jafargholi, 12, appeared on the show on Saturday and initially bombed with judge Simon Cowell, who made him stop singing his Amy Winehouse version of the Zuton's hit "Valerie" after just one verse.

Waving his hand and calling for the music to be stopped, a frowning Cowell said, "You've got this really wrong," as the crestfallen Jafargholi looked on. "What do you sing apart from that?"

Jafargholi then suggested the Smokey Robinson song "Who's Loving You," made famous by a young Michael Jackson with the Jackson Five. When the preternaturally poised Jafargholi — who began singing at age 2 and once played a young Jackson in a stage production of "Thriller" — rebooted with the second song, the audience went nuts. And much like they did when Boyle surprised them, Cowell and fellow judge Piers Morgan smiled broadly and seemed genuinely stunned by the boy's outsize talent.

"This is how one song can change your life," Cowell said afterward, after dishing out one of his very rare standing ovations. "And this may be the start of something special for you young man."

The dimple-faced young boy has already earned a major endorsement from none other than Demi Moore, who declared on her Twitter feed, "Wow this kid is something else!"

Morgan also gave Jafargholi props after the show, writing in his blog that the young man had been the stand-out performer on the show and could challenge Boyle for the $146,000 top prize. "Once Simon got him to sing the right kind of song for his voice, he was sensational. Like a young Stevie Wonder," Morgan wrote.

So far, Jafargholi has a long way to go to reach Boyle's YouTube ubiquity, with just over 300,000 views to her more than 50 million at press time.