Rick Ross Buries 50 Cent In 'Cold Blood' Video

Miami MC says he might feud with Eminem next.

[artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] has claimed that his insults against [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] have ended the Queens rhyme lord's career. The Miami boss recently held a ceremony in honor of what he calls his accomplishment.

Over the weekend, Ross released the trailer to a video for "Cold Blood," a record from Deeper Than Rap. You see flashes of Ross sitting in church wearing a suit. The viewer is led to believe that once again he'll be mocking 50, because the words "R.I.P. Curtis Jackson" appear on the screen.

This is yet another salvo in the ongoing feud between 50 and Ross that started several weeks ago when the husky down-South MC called 50 out with "Mafia Music." Since then, the back-and-forth has been incessant. Last week, Ross released a remix to "Mafia Music," featuring the Game, Ja Rule and Fat Joe. On a recent trip to New York, Ross told radio personality DJ Envy that many more MCs had given him raps to include in the remix.

Maybe with the release of "Cold Blood," Ross is signifying an end to his war with Fif, at least on his part. Rick told Envy that 50 was boring him and that he might have to look toward Eminem for real comp.

Later in the Envy interview, Ross implied that if he did go into competition with Slim Shady, it might not be a traditional trade of barbs but rather a battle over who makes the best music. He did tell Envy he wasn't exactly excited about Em's new "We Made You" video.

"His swag ain't the same, though," he said, adding that he was just giving an opinion. "We not dissing. We'll never dis. [The video] was funny. This time I'm not gonna be critical because I'm a fan. But I see the swag ain't the same."