Steve-O Opens Up About 'Dancing With The Stars'

'Jackass' star says he enjoyed the show once he 'learned to relax.'

On Tuesday night, Steve-O bid adieu to his days on "Dancing With the Stars." Despite not always impressing the judges and being injured a few times during his tenure on the show, the "Jackass" star did manage to hold on for five weeks, beating out the likes of Steve Wozniak, Denise Richards and Belinda Carlisle.

Describing his time on the show as "a growing experience," Steve-O told MTV News that once he learned to relax he actually enjoyed himself. "I think I struggled to enjoy myself a lot of the time 'cause I was too stressed out," he said. "I kind of got better at dealing with that. I felt anxious a lot. I learned to relax and it was cool."

Initially, Steve-O wasn't sure how he felt about doing the show. He is a self-proclaimed bad dancer, so it took a little nudging from his agents to get him into the idea. "I feel like my agents really roped me into it," he explained. "My first reaction was, 'I'm the worst dancer,' but they said that if you had dancing experience they wouldn't consider you for this show. I don't know how true that is, but they put me at ease. They made me feel like no one was going to be good at dancing."

With his fears gone and a sober lifestyle to maintain, he decided to join the show. "I'll give it my best. Beyond that, it drives with what I'm up to with being healthy and sober, so I decided to go for it.''

His fellow Jackasses were also supportive of the career move. "They thought it was great. They're so supportive. They were the ones that staged my intervention," he said. "They're really supportive. They're just proud of me for staying strong."

Next up for Steve-O is the MTV special "Steve-O: Demise and Rise," airing May 3, which takes a look at his drug abuse and how the star got clean. "I'm not comfortable to be a role model," he said about the special. "But if it scares anyone straight, then that's cool."