Lil Jon Gets Miley Cyrus' Old Phone Number

Rapper surprised, 'especially when I get texts like, 'Congratulations on Teen Vogue!'

Friends of [artist id="2408193"]Miley Cyrus[/artist] shouldn't be offended if, when they try to text or call the teen queen, she doesn't respond. They should know that these days they aren't getting in touch with Cyrus, but instead with rapper [artist id="961130"]Lil Jon[/artist], who recently acquired the Disney star's old phone number.

"I was basically in shock, like, 'How did that happen?!' " Lil Jon said in a statement, according to "Access Hollywood." "Especially when I get texts like, 'Congratulations on Teen Vogue!' "

The rapper added that in addition to congratulatory texts, he's also been receiving calls from a lot of the stars' friends. Lil Jon doesn't seem to mind, now that the initial shock of getting the number has worn off. In fact, he's going to keep it and maybe eventually Cyrus' friends will realize it's not her number and finally get Cyrus' new digits.

"I'm gonna keep it 'cause I don't answer numbers I don't know anyway," he said. He added that he's a fan of the "Hannah Montana" star. "Yeah, I like Miley! My son likes her show," he told "Access Hollywood." "I'll probably run into her at some award show."

The rapper — whose new album, Crunk Rock, is coming out later this year — initially broke the news of getting Cyrus' old phone number on his Twitter page last week. He Tweeted, "How come I jus got a new phone number and it's f---ing Miley Cyrus old number!!! Stop callin me lil damn girls!!!! Trues story!! No BS!!"