Is Zac Efron A Jedi Master After His '17 Again' Light-Saber Fight?

'I'm trying to be like Luke Skywalker,' heartthrob jokes.

With the release of Zac Efron's "17 Again" on April 17, it's [movie id="338328"]"High School Musical"[/movie] alumni week. MTV News is going to catch you up on what the future holds for all your favorite East High Wildcats!

Starring in [movie id="365329"]"17 Again"[/movie] gave [movieperson id="438080"]Zac Efron[/movieperson] the chance to return to his teen years and begin his Jedi training. Efron and co-star Thomas Lennon took a small part in the film's script, in which the two guys have a light-saber fight, and made it all their own.

"It was actually brief. It was very small," Efron told MTV News of the original scene. "They called it the 'memorabilia fight.' There's tons of different props from different sci-fi movies, and at one point, as soon as we picked up these light sabers, they're like as close as you can get to real light sabers, we decided to have a real fight and Tom went for it."

Efron gives "Reno 911!" star Lennon a lot of the credit for the ad-libbed scene: "He would add all these moves, and he got pretty acrobatic. Tom was loving it."

The only thing harder than the physical side of the light-saber fight was trying not to mimic the "Star Wars" sound effects.

"It's hard not to," Efron said. "You have to refrain. But I have to say, by the end, after doing it for a couple weeks of rehearsal, I feel pretty close to a Jedi master. I'm trying to be like Luke Skywalker."

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