Michael Jackson Auction Canceled

Items might be put on display instead, a statement from MJ's rep and auction house says.

An auction of Michael Jackson memorabilia — which was originally scheduled for April 22-25 and was expected to raise $10 million — has been canceled as a result of a lawsuit from March, when the King of Pop demanded back several of the items set to go on sale.

While the 1,400-lot exhibit of items will be on display in Beverly Hills until April 25, all of Jackson's things will be returned to him.

In a joint statement, Jackson's spokesman Tohme R. Tohme and auctioneer Darren Julien said the two groups "are pleased" with the agreement and that it "allows Michael Jackson to retain ownership of the collection of Michael Jackson," according to Reuters.

What Jackson specifically wanted back has not been reported, but some of the items in the 30,000-square-foot exhibit include his Rolls-Royce stretch limousine, the gates from the infamous Neverland Ranch in California, eight of his iconic gloves and a number of the singer's costumes.

While collectors won't be able to get their hands on the memorabilia, the joint statement said the items could find a home in the public eye.

"There was so much interest from so many of Jackson's fans that instead of putting the items in the hands of private collectors, Dr. Tohme and Julien's Auction House have made arrangements that will allow the collection to be shared with and enjoyed by Jackson's fans for many years to come," the statement said.