Solange Knowles Quashes Label-Drop Rumors

Singer says Interscope is still '100 percent' supportive.

NEW YORK — Last week, music blogs across the Internet lit up with the rumor that [artist id="1233333"]Solange Knowles[/artist] had been dropped from Interscope Records. According to, the label didn't want to continue their relationship with the singer after her album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams underperformed.

MTV News caught up with Solange at the "Yes Yes Yes to Safe Sex" event in New York City, where the singer/ campaign spokeperson called the reports untrue and blamed the Internet for the idle gossip.

"I think that the Internet has really been an impactful tool in artists' careers these days," she said. "And that impact can be very positive and that impact can be very negative as well, because anyone can say anything and it can be picked up from so many different sources."

Solange also said that Interscope quickly clarified the rumor as being just that, but somehow that side of the story wasn't addressed as prevalently as the part about her being dropped. "What's interesting is Interscope the next day released a statement saying that that was untrue and that they were 100 percent still onboard — and that wasn't printed anywhere!" she laughed.

In the statement, Interscope said, "Contrary to rumors floating through the Internet over the last few days, Solange remains a part of the Interscope Geffen A&M family. It's unfortunate that people have posted false information without checking their sources first."

In fact, Solange recently released a new single, "T.O.N.Y.," and is hard at work on new music. "All is well, and my third single is doing well right now, and everyone is completely supportive, and it's been a good journey," she said."