Quentin Tarantino To Appear On 'American Idol' Again

'He does it because he really, really loves it and he just wants to do it,' director Eli Roth says of QT's second stint as a guest judge.

When one thinks of "American Idol," the first thing that comes to mind is generally not Quentin Tarantino.

Yet, the director of such pulp-y fair as "Kill Bill," "Death Proof" and the upcoming World War II flick "Inglourious Basterds" (not to mention, uh, "Pulp Fiction") will appear on Tuesday night's (April 14) episode of "Idol" as the guest mentor, his second stint on the show (he made a memorable appearance as a guest judge — and wore an even more memorable striped shirt — back in 2004).

It's a move that makes sense, for a couple of reasons: one, the theme of this week's episode is "Idols at the Movies" and two, because Tarantino is a positively ginormous "Idol" fan. Seriously.

We know this because we asked one of QT's pals — and one of the stars of "Basterds" — director Eli Roth. He told us that "Idol" discussions ran rampant on the set of the film and while he might not share Tarantino's love for the show, he certainly can admire his dedication to it.

"He loves it. I have nothing against 'American Idol,' I'm just not into 'American Idol.' Quentin loves 'American Idol' and 'American Idol' discussions broke out [on the set of 'Basterds'] with him and [actors] Samm Levine and Diane Kruger," Roth laughed. "They were so detailed in their critique of every single singer ... I was like, 'I have no idea.' I had no idea he was that into 'American Idol.' He loves it. So I think it's great he's going on. He's totally into it."

So on Tuesday's show, Roth is expecting maximum Tarantino — after all, the dude is really into it.

"He has a great time when he does it, because Quentin will watch a show and be like, 'I could do better than that, I know how this should be done,' and then he goes and he actually does it," Roth continued. "That's what's so great. He loves 'CSI,' and he'll direct an episode of 'CSI.' He loves 'American Idol' and then he does it because he really, really loves it and he just wants to do it."

And as luck would have it, Tarantino won't be the only star appearing on "Idol" this week — Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus will also perform on Wednesday night's results show. It's not known if QT will be in the audience (though, in previous weeks, the guest mentors stick around for the results), but if he is, Roth is also looking forward to a little Tarantino/Miley action.

"I think it's great," he smiled. "I can't wait to see what he does to her."

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