Lil Wayne Dis Site Surfaces In Wake Of Lawsuit

The site was set up by Makin Moves Entertainment after Cash Money Records filed suit against the company.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] is the object of scorn once again — Makin Moves Entertainment has set up a Web site titled Lil Wayne Gonna Sue You, striking out at the rapper for the second time in response to a recent lawsuit filed against the New York-based company by Cash Money Records.

The site, billed as a "Public Service Announcement," contains several slights against the popular lyricist. "I Want To Sue You" T-shirts featuring the rapper's image in Uncle Sam-like attire are for sale and YouTube clips with audio of Pimp C making disparaging (and out-of-context) remarks about rappers who file lawsuits have been posted in an attempt to disparage Wayne. A Makin Moves artist also composed a Wayne dis track.

The site is in response to a lawsuit that was amended in court earlier this month. Cash Money Records filed suit against Texas-based BCD Music Group in early 2009. The suit alleges BCD illegally sold Lil Wayne mixtapes in retail stores and online outlets for profit. The mixtapes were projects hosted by Makin Moves and [artist id="1829009"]DJ Drama[/artist] — a lawyer for the label told MTV News that paperwork alleges the parties struck deals with BCD to sell the music and share revenues.

Candace Carponter clarified the nature of the lawsuits, saying they stem from an injunction submitted by Cash Money the label, not from Wayne personally. At the root of the litigation is BCD versus Cash Money.

"BCD claimed the right to sell the music," Carponter explained, noting the contracts the company said it signed with the parties, including Drama. "So we named them [all the parties] in complaints and they have 30 days to answer the charges, based on when they receive the papers."

Carponter said the parties were authorized to make the mixtapes and the projects were joint collaborations with Lil Wayne, but the act of profiting from Wayne's music and image were prohibited under the arraignments. Dedication 2 and 3 were among the mixtapes listed in the lawsuit — the projects were part of the series of mixtapes hosted by DJ Drama that helped catapult Wayne to superstardom.

In a previous statement, Drama distanced himself from the lawsuit, saying his relationship with Wayne is fine.

"This is not a case of Lil Wayne vs. DJ Drama. Me and Wayne are good," the DJ wrote. "I am confident that this matter will be resolved quickly without harming the relationships between myself, Wayne and Cash Money Records. However, due to the ongoing nature of this litigation I do not wish to make any further comments."

Representatives for Lil Wayne did not respond to a request for comment as of press time.