Rick Ross Lines Up 50 Cent Foes Fat Joe, Game, Ja Rule For Dis Track

'Mafia Music' remix hit the Net over the weekend.

[artist id=”2000082″]Rick Ross[/artist] lined up almost all of [artist id=”860639″]50 Cent’s[/artist] musical foes for a remix of “Mafia Music.” [artist id=”508987″]Ja Rule[/artist], [artist id=”1833864″]the Game[/artist] and [artist id=”611″]Fat Joe[/artist] all send ill will toward the G-Unit on the song, which hit the Net over the weekend.

“I f—ed you up once, f—ed you twice, and you still talking sh–,” Rule raps on the record. “Curly, get off my di–.”

Fat Joe threatens the Unit and references the infamous 50 Cent chain-snatching incident in Africa , when a fan jumped onstage and grabbed Fif’s bling.

“Still went to Africa, still wore the big chain,” Joe raps. “Where you got robbed at, n—a, on the same stage.”

Ross gets really personal on the song, name-checking 50’s son in the song and claiming to have the boy’s mother in a hotel suite.

“I put a million on it, this pu— don’t want it,” Ross declares. “Show up in his ’hood with the wolves by the morning.”

There is one glaring omission on the “Mafia Music” remix: estranged Unit member [artist id=”1214257″]Young Buck[/artist].

“Young Buck is my homie,” Ross told MTV News recently in New York. “I ain’t even ask Young Buck to get on the remix, because I’m a business man. I understand the position Young Buck is in. … I wouldn’t even ask him to be a part of that for his business’ sake. Handle your business, Buck. Whatever you need from me, I got you. Other than that, we’ll ride later.”

Ross’ Deeper Than Rap drops April 21.