'Gossip Girl' Star Leighton Meester Wasn't The First 'Birthday' Girl

Actress' song was originally intended for disqualified 'American Idol' contestant Joanna Pacitti.

Leighton Meester burned up the blogs last week when her song "Birthday" leaked online. But according to the team behind the song, the "Gossip Girl" star wasn't the first singer to give the track a try.

"I was making this track in the summer, and we made all this music," said songwriter Nick Scapa from the production team Honor Roll Music. "We first were going to write these songs for Joanna Pacitti, but she passed. So I did this track with the intention of coming to Los Angeles."

You might remember Pacitti from earlier this season on "American Idol." While the judges gave her a seat in the top 36, she ended up being disqualified before the live shows started, allegedly due to her previous relationships with "Idol" executives.

After Pacitti passed on the track, Scapa hooked up with Miami indie rockers Awesome New Republic. The guys loved the song enough to record it themselves. "I sent to it Michael John Hancock from ANR, and he nailed it," Scapa recalled. "So for about a year and a half of playing that song and no one was biting on it, I sent it to Geffen Records and they liked the song and thought that it was a hit and suggested it for Leighton Meester."

At the time, Scapa had no idea who Meester was, and he had nothing to do with Meester's version of the song. "We thought her version sounded good," he said.

Awesome New Republic said Meester proves she has some chops on the song and would even like to hit up the studio with her. "It's all a matter of taste, and she seems like she has some good taste," Hancock said. "She's got a good voice. If she makes sure she's involved, then she has a career. She needs to be really serious about it."