Kanye West Says 'South Park' Didn't Cause His 'Ego Epiphany'

'I've been working on myself for a while now,' Yeezy proclaims.

OK, so maybe we were wrong about Kanye West's ego. Seems he's been working on it since long before being depicted in last week's "South Park" episode. Or at least that's what he's telling us.

Confused? Well, here's the quick recap: Last Wednesday, "South Park" ran their now infamous "Fish Sticks" episode, which lambasted Yeezy as an egomaniacal jerk who just so happened to also be a closeted "gay fish." Hours after the episode aired, West took to his blog to announce — rather humbly, it should be noted — that not only did he find his portrayal on the show to be "pretty funny," but that "I actually have been working on my ego. ... I'm not actually a huge douche."

It seemed that the creators of "South Park" had awakened some sort of ego epiphany inside the notoriously self-assured rapper, and we were all fairly impressed. But late Friday, West posted another missive, this one letting us all know that the whole "gay fish" thing had nothing to do with a newfound quest for self-improvement. In fact, he has been working on his ego for a while now.

"The 'South Park' episode did not make me have this ego epiphany!" he wrote. "I actually only watched a piece of the episode, which was funny. I've been working on myself for a while now, which is hard to do in the public eye. I just used [this blog] as a platform to express where my head is at."

And then all was well and good ... until Saturday, when West posted a third "South Park"-inspired blog, this one seeming to hint that the show — and the whole "fish sticks" joke — may actually be ruining his life ... or at least his dining experiences at Cheesecake Factories across the country.

"I was at Cheesecake Factory yesterday, and the manager brought me a plate of fish sticks," the post read. "(In a sarcastic tone) Uuuuuum, GREAT!"

As of Monday (April 13), there have been no further "South Park" blog posts on West's site (there have been lots of posts about Nikes and architecture though), leaving many to wonder just what the next chapter in the ongoing "Fish Sticks" melodrama will be.