Cam'ron Denies Diplomats Reunion Rumors: 'It's A Wrap'

'Once the problems get in the public, to me, it can't be fixed,' MC says.

NEW YORK — [url id=""]Cam'ron[/url] reiterated Wednesday (April 8) that the rift in the [url id=""]Diplomats[/url] is too big for him to make music with Juelz Santana or Jim Jones ever again. The Harlem rapper said the "last straw" was Jim Jones publicly denying a phone call between him and Cam that recently took place.

Back in February, Cam sat down with MTV News and revealed that he and Jones had spoken for the first time in years.

"It was cordial," Cam said of the phone call. "He knew it was me. He said we was gonna holla — maybe we'll put something together. But in the immediate future, I'm just doing Cam. But you never know what can happen down the line. I called Zeke's phone and I guess Zeke gave Jim the phone to pick up. We just talked, asked about each other's family. He said he's on a promo tour. He'd be back soon. That was that."

During a series of radio interviews after the call, Jones denied that the once-tight duo spoke, then admitted he was not telling the truth. On Angie Martinez's Hot 97 radio show on Wednesday, Cam said he still considered Jim and Juelz Diplomats, but would not be working with them again.

"Basically, to be honest — it's a wrap," Cam said. "I called Jim. Everybody has not been speaking for the past three, four years. It just got in the public. Once the problems get in the public, to me, it can't be fixed.

"Recently, maybe a month ago, I called Zeke's phone," he added. "I speak to Jim, I say, 'Cool, B. Maybe we can work some stuff out.' I was really at the point where we could work some stuff out. Maybe three minutes before I did an MTV interview ... we just got off the phone, so I did the interview and said we just got off the phone. Jim gets on the TV or radio, whatever, and be like, 'No, me and Cam didn't speak. I don't know what he's talking about. He's got Alzheimer's.' Then he said, 'We did speak on the phone.' My thing is, why lie about a phone conversation? Why would I lie about a phone call?"

Cam'ron also said he has a new crew that he's working with, the U.N. A U.N. album is due in August, after Cam's Crime Pays LP drops on May 12.