Black Eyed Peas Enter 'Digital Afterlife' In 'Boom Boom Pow' Video

'We ain't never breaking up, but we ain't staying the same either,' Will.I.Am explains of The E.N.D. album title.

The [artist id="30064"]Black Eyed Peas[/artist] are back with "Boom Boom Pow," and the group doesn't want to give you the same old thing. With this single, from their forthcoming album The E.N.D., they hope to prove to everyone they're not the same band who gave the world "My Humps."

"It's not your typical first single," [artist id="2413819"]Fergie[/artist] said. "It's basically kind of to the left. The song is to the left, and it works, 'cause we're being true to ourselves."

Fergie, who describes the group as "misfits," hopes the video catches people's attention. "The concept of the video is the Peas' birth into the digital afterlife," Fergie said. "So the transformation is us going into a sort of birth or cocoon and coming out the other end as forms of energy. It's a parallel to the music industry. Now everything is downloaded."

[artist id="1521450"]Will.I.Am[/artist] said the video was inspired by how digital the world has become and hopes the video portrays "what it would be like if we were actually in the computer, if art was fused in it," he said. "[It's] analog life from a digital perspective becoming technology."

The group might hope the song shows fans a new beginning, but the name of their album, The E.N.D., has everyone wondering if it means the group is calling it quits.

"We ain't never breaking up, but we ain't staying the same either," Will.I.Am said. "The E.N.D. stands for 'The Energy Never Dies.' So The E.N.D. is our version of embracing change and celebrating the new.

"It's the end of a lot of things, and I'm very proud to be bringing forth the new," he added.