50 Cent Denies He Offered Rick Ross $500,000 To Stop Beef

'I don't think anybody interpreted that [rumor] as if it was true,' 50 says.

When it comes to battling, [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] lives by a strict philosophy:

"If a person wants a problem, I can accept that and give them a bigger problem than they actually want."

A videotaped interview between 50 Cent and radio personality Big Boy hit Big's Web site on Wednesday (April 8), and the G-Unit General spoke more on his feud with Rick Ross. 50 predicted that Ross' album Deeper Than Rap will flop, and that's when the Queens superstar will "have a field day on his a--" with more disses.

"People are paying more attention to me and Rick Ross feuding than his actual records. His sales will reflect that," 50 told Big in the backseat of a vehicle en route to his house.

When asked about a vlog that Ross recently put out saying an employee of 50 offered the Miami Bawse half a million dollars to stop throwing lyrical jabs at the G-Unit (Ross said he would accept the money to stop dissing 50, but not G-Unit's Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo), 50 laughed it off.

"I saw that [video clip] on YouTube," 50 said with a smile. "He made that up — I don't think anybody interpreted that as if it was true. People looked at that like, 'Huh? ... How much more of a fool can you make of yourself?' People look at it like, now you can't take anything from him serious."

(Ross recently said that he's enlisted Lil Wayne for a

50 Cent dis track called "Valley of Death.")

50 also said that getting extorted by another to end a feud was the opposite of his character. He loves the back and forth.

"I competed with them just to keep the culture active," 50 said. "Ask me: Do I need [to beef with] a Rick Ross? I don't have a release date right now."