Edward Cullen From 'Twilight' Vs. Angel From 'Buffy': Who Would Win?

'It would be a battle to the pointy teeth,' Michelle Trachtenberg says of the vampire face-off.

About a decade ago, long before "Twilight" bloodsucker Edward Cullen won the hearts of teen girls everywhere, another vampire from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" named Angel was wooing girls with his dark, brooding charm.

So, let's say that Angel and Edward Cullen met in a dark alley one night and had to battle it out — who would win? Former "Buffy" star Michelle Trachtenberg isn't sure. "Ooh ... ah ... goodness! Angel and Edward Cullen — good stuff!" she said, laughing. "I think Angel's bigger than Edward Cullen, just physically, so it would be a battle to the pointy teeth. We'd have to see it play out. I couldn't possibly predict it."

Although there's debate over whether Edward Cullen has a soul, in the Buffy-verse Angel most definitely did — which might make a vampire battle quite interesting. "Angel has a soul. ... Drama! Vampire drama!" she said. "I did have a big crush on Angel when I was a little girl," she said. "And I think Edward Cullen is definitely dreamy, but I haven't seen the movies so I can't go 100 percent on who's dreamier."

Speaking of movies, there's always long-standing rumors out there that "Buffy" may find its way back on the big screen. "Well 'Buffy' started out as a movie, it's been there. It's on celluloid for the rest of our lives," she said. "I think what we did with the TV show ... we left it on such a great high note I can't see how we'd wanna go back and mess that history up."

Although she may not get the chance to play Buffy's little sister again, she still does hold a special place in her heart for the character. "Dawn was a great character to play," she said. "I was about 14 to 17 when I played her, so it was a lot of my teenage life. It definitely holds a special place."