Chris Brown And Rihanna Fans React To Not-Guilty Plea

'I really think he should have pleaded guilty,' one fan says.

On Monday in a Los Angeles courtroom, Chris Brown pleaded not guilty to two felony charges of assault and making criminal threats, charges stemming from his alleged altercation with girlfriend Rihanna on the eve of this year's Grammy Awards.

Since it happened back in February, fans have reacted with mixed feelings to the various stages of the incident, and Brown's not-guilty plea is no different. Most fans think he made the wrong decision. "I don't think that that's right. I think he should [plead guilty]," Brandi Crosmer told MTV News. "You should take responsibility for your actions."

Many, like Crosmer, feel that Brown is using his fame to get out of trouble. "It's disappointing that this is even happening," Jennifer Weber said. "Chris Brown is looked up to by a lot of people."

Weber also added that if she was Rihanna, she'd feel "heartbroken" about the whole incident and that by pleading not guilty it would be like "you never knew him. If he's going to go back on what he used to say and he's not even going to be able to own up then you feel like you didn't know him in the first place."

Most guys thought he should "man up" and admit to the alleged incident. "He should go to prison if that's what he did," Aaron McClanahan said. Christian Ortiz and Nicholas Esterez added, "It's the kind of thing that people with money and status can do ... I really think he should have pleaded guilty. He should probably serve some time for doing what he did."

Athena Reich added that if Brown is using a not-guilty plea as part of a plea deal, "Then that's a play and he's not being honest in court. It would be better if he could just be honest. My gut reaction is that it's kind of sad that people can't be honest." She continued, "I would run [if I were Rihanna]. I would run away. I would take off my high heels and run."

Most of the women MTV News talked to about the plea felt similarly to Reich, saying that if they were Rihanna they'd definitely be upset with Brown. "I'd be angry, 'cause it's not fair," Alex Bertie said. "Just 'cause he's famous doesn't mean he should get away with it." Her friend, Nadine Oakes, added, "I wanna see him go down."

Brown is next due in court on April 29.