Kanye West Thanks Fans -- On A Speedboat! -- For Air Yeezy's Success

West posts video blog, filmed on a boat in Hawaii, thanking fans.

It's safe to say that Saturday's release of Kanye West's Nike Air Yeezys was a success: Fans of the shoe lined up outside of sneakers stores nationwide, including New York, Los Angeles, [artist id="1230523"]West's[/artist] hometown of Chicago and even Baltimore and cleaned the shelves.

West had been posting release updates on his blog — from kids lining up outside the Beverley Center in LA to Young Jeezy giving away a free pair — all weekend, and on Saturday, one post thanked fans and promised a video blog.

"Thank y'all so much for the shoe. I'mma do a video blog to express my gratitude later," he wrote.

West delivered on that promise Monday night, posting a video titled

"Appreciation Shout Out From Hawaii" thanking everyone for their support — which was filmed through a fish-eye lens from the back of a speedboat in Hawaii.

"Yeah, you know what I'm saying," he says, his words often obscured by the roar of the boat's engine. "That's what you say when you don't know what you're about say."

West said that he was on his way to shoot another scene for a video with Hype Williams — which would explain the fisheye lens — whom West points out behind him.

As West shows off a pair Air Yeezys, he said he wanted to do a video blog quickly and show of the clouds and the mountains in Hawaii, and the camera spins to focus on the scenery.

"I want to thank everyone that went out and supported and cop the Yeezys. A lot of people had to pay overprice. Next time, I'm going to do the Yeezy II's. Hopefully we prepare to do some more, but that was real good to get the buzz out there, and I appreciate everybody who went out and supported it."

"And that's live... why do people always say live on some pre-recorded sh--? Live from Hawaiii, Kanye to the ..."

Adding to the surreal nature of the video, it cuts off abruptly.