Hollywood Undead Say They're A 'Girl Band,' Not Rap-Rock

'We actually get more girls at our shows than guys,' Johnny 3 Tears says of the masked rockers.

Despite wearing masks and singing about "girls, drinking and violence" on their album Swan Song, Hollywood Undead insist they aren't a rap-rock band.

We'll let the masked rockers from Los Angeles explain.

"Any artist is going to have preconceptions, and we really don't care," Charlie Scene told MTV News about being compared to Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach and Korn.

"Obviously, we have the Slipknot thing and the rap-rock thing," Johnny 3 Tears said of the comparisons. "There's no real way to answer. The music's there, and we wear masks. So it's like, 'Take it or leave it.' If you don't like it, we don't care."

The guys think the people making those comparisons aren't really listening.

"It's a lot easier for people to put us in the category, like the rap-rock thing," Da Kurlzz said. "But, you know, you take one song and it's completely different than the other, and somewhere along the line — and no disrespect to, like, Limp Bizkit — but you kind of see the same thing in every song."

So if Hollywood Undead don't think of themselves as a rap-rock band, how would they describe their music? "There's definitely two sides to our group," Scene said. "Some songs are serious, some songs are funny, and others are seriously funny."

They may not find comparisons to Limp Bizkit easy to swallow, but they don't seem to mind comparing themselves to sugary bands instead of nu-metal groups.

"We actually get more girls at our shows than guys," 3 Tears said. "Which is cool. We're a girl band — like, if you went to an 'NSYNC show, it's all girls, so we're more an aggressive style of girl band."