Whitney Port Talks Lauren Conrad's Post-'Hills' Plans

LC will keep busy with her clothing line and young-adult novel series, her bicoastal BFF says.

Lauren Conrad might be ready to leave "The Hills," but many fans are wondering just what's next for the reality-show star.

Well, it seems that her bicoastal BFF, Whitney Port, has an idea of what's in store for Conrad. "I know that she said her clothing line is going on hold for a little while," she told MTV News. "I think it's because of the recession, but I'm not exactly sure, so I know that that's going on hold. She's probably working to build that back up."

In fact, Conrad addressed her clothing line's hiatus in a blog post, noting that she wanted to take some time to improve it. "I have learned so much in the past year, and I want to apply that to the improvement of my clothing line," she said. "I also wanted to make some changes in production so I would be able to lower the price point."

In addition to getting back to work on the clothing line, Conrad will be hard at work penning her "L.A. Candy" young-adult novel series, Port said. "I know she's been working and writing some books," she said. "I think it's like some sort of play on a biography."

Although Port didn't have all the details about the book series, she did know that Conrad has enough material to write about. "She's kept it kind of quiet, but I know it's about a girl based on her, filming a reality show or whatnot," she said. "She is young, but she's been through a lot, and a lot of people want to know about what she's done."