DMC Wants To Open For Lil Wayne

'There's a whole 'nother excitement,' legendary ex-Run-DMC member says about moving from rap to rock.

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist]'s venture into rock music has landed one huge fan in hip-hop icon DMC.

The Queens rapper — who, as one-third of legendary group [artist id="944"]Run-DMC[/artist], is set to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this weekend by Eminem — said he applauded the Cash Money lyricist's genre experimentation. In fact, as DMC preps the final touches on his second solo album, the rock-tinged The Origins of Block Music, due out in June, he has an idea he wants to propose to Wayne.

"When he drops that album and goes on tour, I would love to open for him," DMC told MTV News. "I would open for Lil Wayne. I'm only DMC, I'm not Run-DMC. It'd be a privilege. I take joy in the creation of new music — I did what I did with Run-DMC, but now I'm starting from the bottom."

DMC's first solo outing, 2006's Checks Thugs and Rock N Roll, featured collaborations with rockers like Kid Rock and Sarah McLachlan on the somber "Just Like Me." The album was put together during a dark moment in the rapper's life, while he was reeling from the murder of Jam Master Jay, the death of his father and the discovery that he had been adopted. He turned to alcohol and described his music as being suicidal, saying he felt "all alone" at the time.

For The Origins of Block Music, DMC has a number of rap producers onboard to give the project a "fun" feel. Underground legend Freddie Foxx, DJ Premier and Public Enemy's Chuck D are set to contribute to the album. The first single, "She Gets Me High," is produced by newcomer Sonix, and D said he hopes to release the song on May 31 — his birthday.

Having had a hand in writing songs like "King of Rock" and performing at infamous punk venues like Manhattan's CBGB's, D said he understands Wayne's move to rock right now.

"There's a whole 'nother excitement," he explained. "For me, hip-hop and rock and roll are brother and sister. I like the instruments, the sound of the guitars, the harmonica ... I love Neil Young, he makes b-boy records [to me], 'cause the drummer will hit the breakdown and he'll start breaking down on his harmonica like he's Doug E. Fresh.

"Rick Rubin told me, 'Just find the musical sounds that fit who you are and tell your stories to that,' " D added. "So I don't separate the two."