Nicole Scherzinger Would Be 'Afraid' Of A Britney Spears Dance-Off

'She can throw down,' the Pussycat Dolls frontwoman says of her tourmate.

Since March, the [artist id="1841713"]Pussycat Dolls[/artist] have been busy supporting Britney Spears on her Circus tour. Before that, the Dolls had been traveling the world on their own tour, and the ladies wouldn't want it any other way.

"It's been nonstop," Nicole Scherzinger told MTV News. "We were on our Doll Domination Tour all throughout Europe, and now we're on Britney's tour, and after this, we're going to go back on our Doll Domination Tour."

So how do they handle the group's never-ending tour schedule? "It's the PCD gods and angels around us," Scherzinger said.

Nicole could only use one word to describe the hectic atmosphere of touring with someone like Britney: "It's really a circus. It's crazy. I think the tour's been really good for us doing what we do best: singing and dancing. A lot of people have told us the fans' ultimate wish is to have Britney Spears and PCD on tour."

The hectic schedule also means that the Dolls haven't been able to get any time to chill out with Britney. "This is her tour, and I'm sure she's busy, and I'm always doing press right before we get onstage," she said. "We haven't had too much interaction, but we're always planning stuff."

Perhaps the girls will all be able to meet up onstage at some point during the tour. "That would be super fun," she said. "We did that when we were [on tour] with Christina [Aguilera]."

Nicole also hopes that touring with a pop staple like Britney will attract a new fanbase to the Dolls. "Britney's been around so much longer and been around people who might not know us," she said.

For Brit's Circus, the girls decided to do a mini-version of their Doll Domination show. "We kept our same original look. We kept it PCD-style," she said. "We were on tour already, and we picked one outfit from the costume changes. We wanted it to be colorful and fun and sparkly and things that the kids could relate to."

If the ladies ever find time in their schedules, maybe they could squeeze in a Britney-vs.-Dolls dance-off. "I would be afraid. She can throw down. She's got some moves," Nicole said. "If we had a dance-off, maybe it would be more of a collaboration dance or maybe one of the other girls can do it; I'll just stand and watch. She's a great dancer and a great performer."