'Hills' Star Heidi Montag Is 'Not Sure' If She'll Marry Spencer Pratt

'We were on the track to getting married, and then he threw me for a loop,' she tells MTV News.

Last season, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt eloped in Mexico. When they came back to "The Hills," there was a lot of drama about the nuptials from Heidi and Spencer's family and friends. Eventually, Spencer wanted to make it official in the U.S., but Heidi wanted a real wedding and not a courtroom wedding with just the two of them.

That means that right now, Heidi and Spencer are still just engaged. And, judging from the promos for the new season of "The Hills," which starts Monday, it doesn't look like it's going to be an easy path for these two, which begs the question: Will they finally make it legit?

"You'll have to watch this upcoming season. We were on the track to getting married, and then he threw me for a loop," Heidi told MTV News about any upcoming wedding plans. "I'm not sure where we stand on all that, to be honest. That's a really big problem for us. We have to figure where we're going."

In the promos, we see Spencer flirting with a bartender, and Heidi insists that the only person verging on being unfaithful in their relationship is Spencer. "Heidi is not a sl-- like that," she joked. "He's the ho, not me."

Heidi is also not the one who wants all the drama in the relationship. She describes herself as "very normal." "I am relaxed; he is just something else completely," she said. "I don't even have time for drama. I'm so busy in the studio that I can't really do that in a relationship. He's the drama queen."