Britney Spears' Fans Love Circus Tour Fashion, Set List ... Everything!

Pittsburgh concertgoers try to narrow down their favorite moments from pop star's tour.

PITTSBURGH — There's no question that [artist id="501686"]Britney Spears'[/artist] Circus tour is a spectacle. During each show, the pop star performs her biggest hits amid acrobats, clowns and martial artists — just to name a few of her over-the-top co-stars.

With such an elaborate production, it's no wonder fans at her Pittsburgh show found it difficult to decide which part was their favorite. Although most fans offered up a generic "I loved everything," a few Spears supporters managed to pinpoint moments that made them gasp for air and scream the loudest.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is the ringmaster of Spears' traveling circus, and his taped introduction signals Spears' entrance. For Hugh Stumpp, 21, the anticipation was too much to bear, which made Hilton's preshow message his favorite moment of the night.

"I really liked the excitement that Perez Hilton brings with the opening and stuff," Stumpp said. "All the adrenaline is pumping, and people are just excited that Britney is about to come out, and that was just the most electrifying moment."

Spears surprised everyone when she performed the decade-old " ... Baby One More Time." The enthusiastic crowd welcomed the remixed version of her first hit with piercing screams.

"I wasn't sure she would sing that, because it was such an old hit," Stefanie Recupero, 21, said. "I was only expecting newer ones, so that was just a great moment."

"Britney really brought it during ' ... Baby One More Time,' because that's how we know Britney and how she started in our lives," Stumpp agreed. "She changed it up and made it more modern so the audience could see a different side of ' ... Baby One More Time.' "

Certain dance numbers also stood out in fans' minds. Samantha Boier, 19, couldn't get enough of Spears' sultry moves during "Toxic" and "Womanizer." "Her moves are so, like, tight and so sexy!" Boier said.

For Lori Barker, 29, the most unforgettable scene was an acrobatic number from the pop star herself. While performing "Touch of My Hand," the blindfolded Spears — dressed in an S&M-style outfit with strategically placed tassels — ascends with the help of two leather-clad co-stars.

[url id=""](For more of fans' favorite Circus tour fashion, head to the Newsroom blog.)[/url]

Spears' sexy and shimmery outfits also drew a lot of attention from the audience. For Recupero, Spears' "Me Against the Music" ensemble was a highlight of the show because it reminded her of a famous Disney character. "My favorite was the blue Jasmine outfit from 'Aladdin,' " she said. "It looked exactly like Jasmine!"