Keyshia Cole's Mother, Frankie Lons, Is Alive And Well

Despite Internet rumors, singer's biological mother was not in a car accident.

Representatives for [artist id="1244412"]Keyshia Cole[/artist] have released a statement to refute rumors that first surfaced on Monday suggesting the singer's mother had passed away in a fatal car accident.

Perez Hilton was one of the many to post messages on Twitter about the matter. The gossip blogger asked, "Some awful rumor about Keyshia Cole is floating around. Anyone heard if this is true or not????"

Cole's label, Interscope Records, has put out a statement saying there is "no truth to it."

"Imani Entertainment has received a huge amount of inquiries in regard to the rumor about Keyshia Cole's biological mom, Frankie Lons, having recently passed in an automobile accident," the statement read.  "The rumor has absolutely NO truth to it — Frankie has not been in any accident of any kind and is doing well at home in Atlanta."

Cole's manager, Manny Halley, confirmed the information to MTV News. In an e-mail, Halley said Frankie is "100% alive" and added that he recently hung out with Frankie, Cole and the singer's sister Neffe, and all are well.

The three women star in Cole's BET reality series, "The Way It Is." The show chronicles the singer's professional life, but it is perhaps best known for capturing intimate family moments as Cole rebuilds her family with her biological mother, Frankie. Cole was adopted as a youngster and Frankie spent time in prison and dealt with a drug addiction. The family reunion was broadcast on air and led to turbulent confrontations. This season, the show's third, has dealt with Frankie's new boyfriend and the clashes with her family — most notably Neffe — over her relationship.

Cole and her mother, Frankie, were recently featured on the March cover of VIBE magazine.