3OH!3 Get Soaked, 'Stupid' On 'Starstrukk' Video Shoot

Colorado electro-punk act attempts to recreate the party feel of their live shows.

[artist id="31743203"]3OH!3[/artist] are a party-ready duo from Colorado (home of the 303 area code) who make blippy electro/rap/punk (the kids call it "crunkcore") about girls and parties, and making out with girls at parties.

Or, as beatmaker and defacto hypeman Nate Motte puts it: "We're in this a throwback Backstreet-Boy-'NSYNC-esque-hot-dude band called 3OH!3!"

That sounds about right. But with an album that's sold more than 150,000 copies, a slot on the Alternative Press tour, a space on last summer's and this summer's Warped Tour and upcoming gigs opening for Katy Perry, it's getting harder and harder to write off 3OH!3 as jokey, crunked-up hornballs.

Luckily, when MTV News caught up with them on the set of their new video — for the song "Starstrukk" — they did a pretty good job of doing it for us.

"There's a mat on the floor and there's liquid spilled all over the place," frontman Sean Foreman explained. "The concept of the video is one that we brainstormed up. It has to do with a dog pile and crazy body parts and hot legs and boobs and football players."

"There are all sorts of body fluids involved. Different types. Blood, spit, a couple we can't mention," Motte added. "You're going to see people flying off a doggy pile, like, flying up into the atmosphere, and at the end, it's revealed it's in reverse motion, so it's just people dog-piling on us. It's movie magic, because we're actually not even in the video. They're CGI-ing taller, better looking people in our places. It works out well."

Whether they're actually in the "Starstrukk" video or not, there's no denying the sweaty, fluid-drenched clip keeps in line with the duo's rather frantic (and equally lubricous) live gigs. Which was sort of the plan.

"We're shooting a real stupid-fun video," Motte said. "Our live shows are barely controlled chaos, for 30 minutes to an hour. Sweat, blood, tears of joy and sadness."

"We've had shows where we've had swordfights with all the opening bands we've played with, and we killed them off," Foreman added. "We had gallons of fake blood made. It's basically just us gyrating and sweating on people in the front rows. There's a fan here, who's going to be in the video, and I was talking to her and I accidentally spit on her and I apologized. But she said, 'Well, that's like every one of your shows, you just spit all over me.' "

That's gross. But also awesome. And while the clip certainly looks to be lively, we can only hope "Starstukk" doesn't turn out like the pair's first-ever gig.

"Our first show was a house party, and I remember [Sean] had an adult beverage in your squirtgun," Motte laughed. "And he was squirting people in the eyes with the adult beverage."

"People were pouring adult beverages on me," Foreman interjected. "And I think there was a naked guy running around. So, you know, it was fairly typical."