Paramore Recruit Green Day Producer For New Album

Band is entering studio with Rob Cavallo in the next few days.

There's been no shortage of (sorta) updates on the status of [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist]'s new album: Last month, frontwoman Hayley Williams blogged about finishing lyrics on demos and [news id="1605088"]eating Ramen noodles[/news]. Late last year, she [news id="1601850"]told MTV News[/news] that she's "got a lot to get out" on the album, and she started a mini-riot with her new two-tone hairstyle. There were no confirmed song titles, no firm release dates ... nothing solid to satisfy Paramore fans hungry for info on the new record.

Until now!

Thanks to yet another Williams blog update, we now have a few pieces of concrete information about the album: specifically, who will be producing it, and where the band is recording it.

"I stayed up all night writing ... randomly checking my e-mail, as if anyone sends me emails at 4 a.m., and occasionally, signing online to see if maybe — JUST MAYBE — a friend would also be suffering from insomnia. I did write a few things that I thought were alright," Williams wrote. "Honestly, I'm just anxious to get into the studio. We start next Sunday. We'll actually be heading to California instead of keeping to our original plan to make the record here at home ... which is a-okay! In fact, I'm pretty pumped to be getting out of the sloppy weather we've had here in Franklin [Tennessee]. We'll be making the record with Mr. Rob Cavallo ... we're very excited!!!

"It's gonna be a good time," the post continued. "That's about all I have to tell you guys. We're a week away from making our third full-length record."

And given that she wrote the blog last week — and based on some photos posted on Paramore's site — it means that the follow-up to the band's breakthrough Riot! album is officially a go. And they're making it with a certified hitmaker.

Cavallo has worked — either as producer or executive producer — on every [artist id="988"]Green Day[/artist] album since 1994's Dookie (though it's Butch Vig, not him, who [news id="1596973"]twiddled the knobs[/news] on GD's upcoming 21st Century Breakdown), and [news id="1526008"]produced My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade.[/news] He's also made records with [artist id="996"]Alanis Morissette[/artist], the [artist id="8319"]Goo Goo Dolls[/artist] and [artist id="10551"]Kid Rock[/artist].

There's still no firm release date for the new Paramore album. But last month, a spokesperson for their label told MTV News that the plan is to release the album after Paramore [news id="1605804"]wrap up their tour with No Doubt[/news], which kicks off May 19 in Fresno, California.