Outkast's Big Boi Shares His Favorite Atlanta Hot Spots

Rapper credits 'Southern hospitality' for putting ATL on the map.

[artist id="1526237"]Big Boi[/artist] knows the ins and outs of the ATL. Having moved there as a child, he attended Tri-Cities High School, where he discovered hip-hop, met a fellow student named André Benjamin and formed Outkast, who would go on to become the biggest hip-hop act in the city — and the world, for that matter.

So this is his city. Which is why, with Atlanta Week wrapping up, we figured there would be no one better to give us a tour of ATL's hot spots than the man himself. When we caught up with Big Boi, we just had to ask him about some of Atlanta's best spots — and why, after all these years, the city has become the hip-hop mecca of the South.

"Man, Atlanta's been a hot spot since we came out. We got a lot of people moving to Atlanta because of Outkast, that's what they tell us," he laughed. "It's the people, man. The Southern hospitality, the way we treat people down in the South. The cost of living is below an L.A. or a New York, so you can come get yourself something real nice in the A for the low-low."

When he's back at home, where does he like to go? Well, there are just too many spots to mention — though there are three areas in which ATL excels: restaurants, shopping ... and strip clubs.

"[We] do a little bit of everything," Big said. "R. Thomas is this nice little joint on Peachtree — 24-hour health-food joint, organic," he explained. "We also got Walter's, where you can go get fresh in there, get all your fresh Dickies, all the fly sneakers straight off the rack, before they even come out. A lot of nice clubs, pubs and strip joints, you know?"

We know.

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