Nikki Reed Has To Pretend To Hate BFF Kristen Stewart In 'New Moon'

'Rosalie feels really strongly about her hatred for Bella,' actress says of her 'Twilight' foe.

SANTA MONICA, California — It ain't easy being the most beautiful woman in the world. It's no cakewalk when you personify one of the most beloved characters in Stephenie Meyer's best-selling "Twilight" series, either. But these days, [movieperson id="315691"]Nikki Reed[/movieperson] is looking forward to ticking off millions of people all over again.

"Rosalie feels really strongly about her hatred for Bella," grinned the 20-year-old Hollywood veteran, who returns to the set of [url id=""]"New Moon"[/url] this week to resume shooting the sequel. "It's bizarre. Obviously, we can do it because it is acting. But it is really funny."

She's speaking about her real-life love for BFF [movieperson id="262629"]Kristen Stewart[/movieperson] — a sharp contrast to her character's distaste toward Stewart's Bella. Fans all over the world have loved to hate Reed for being so cruel to their Bella, but in actuality, the duo recently took a vacation together to Africa and plan to reunite for the movie "K-11" between "Twilight" sequels.

"Kristen's my best friend," she said. "I get to work on a set with really wonderful people and really creative people, and there are a million people in the world that have read this series and love the series. I get to be with my best friend. I can't think of anything better."

Unfortunately, Reed's "New Moon" experience will be without another dear friend: director Catherine Hardwicke. "My dad told me," she remembered of how she heard the news that her "Thirteen" and "Lords of Dogtown" director was leaving the series. "I can't tell you I was shocked, because this happens in trilogies. Chris Weitz is not doing the third. I think they are going to have a different director for both ['Eclipse' and 'New Moon'], and I think the best response is just to say I have faith in Summit, and I think they know what they are doing.

"There is no better guy [than Weitz] for this film," she insisted. "And I'm sure I'll work with Catherine in the future."

"The first ['Twilight' film] was such a unique experience, because we had such a large cast and we didn't really know if we were going to make sequels — we weren't expecting the kind of success that the film had," she explained of the "Twilight" roller-coaster ride. "But we've all remained really good friends.

"As an actor, you always feel heartbroken when you leave a project, because it is this really unhealthy tug-of-war," Reed said of her profession. "You get really close, and then you get separated and most likely you'll never see your castmembers again unless it's at an event years down the road. And [then] it's like, 'Hey, how are you?,' and there's a big hug. But you have this nomadic [quality to life]; you're never really in the same place, so it's hard to bond.

"We've all bonded," she said of her first sequel. "We're excited to see each other again."

Reed's early discussions with Weitz have focused mainly on Rosalie's hair, as well as the evolving look of the whole Cullen family. But keeping in line with Stewart's recent revelation that the "New Moon" cliff-dive will be CGI, she said the new director seems determined to take the look of "Twilight" to a new level.

"Chris is great, and he's got a different approach to this film," she revealed. "I think there's a progression with the special effects and stuff, with Jacob being introduced as a werewolf. I think everyone is walking into this knowing there is going to be a more heightened level of effects."

But if you're afraid that "New Moon" might lose some of the human element, don't worry. Reed was quick to remind us that her character's tumultuous relationship with Bella remains unchanged.

"Obviously, Rosalie hates her in ['New Moon']," Reed smiled. "Hopefully, we don't laugh too much while we are making it."

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