John Cena Challenges The Rock To Get Back In The Ring

'He's the guy I say I won't be like,' the '12 Rounds' star says of Dwayne Johnson.

With Dwayne Johnson's nearly seamless transition from professional wrestler to Hollywood heavyweight, you'd think any other wrestler/actor would want to follow in his footsteps. But John Cena — who stars in "12 Rounds," opening Friday — doesn't see it like that.

"He's the guy I say I won't be like," he told MTV News. " 'Cause he — although a very, very successful actor and super-nice guy, consummate professional, one of the hardest-working guys I've ever met — he left the WWE."

One thing that bothers Cena is the way Johnson discarded his wrestling nickname, the Rock, for his acting career. "I really hope that people respond to '12 Rounds,' the movie is a success, and more movies come down the line, [but] I'm just not for leaving the WWE," Cena said. "I love my job. I have a long-term commitment. That's the one difference in my future career path and what he's done."

He thinks the WWE fans might be a little put off by Johnson as well. "We have a very loyal fanbase," Cena said. "For him to go on the front and say, 'I love the business,' and then not be a part of it [is something I'd never do]."

Cena is giving Johnson the perfect way to redeem himself. "I've been trying to wrestle him. It's not that I don't think he'll accept the challenge; he truly has a full plate," he said. "I think our fans would like to see him come back to the ring. Dwayne Johnson or the Rock or whatever he wants call himself vs. John Cena. Let's say 'WrestleMania XXVI.' "

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