Flo Rida Wanted For Alleged Animal Cruelty Case

Reports state that witnesses saw two people on the rapper's tour bus kill a rabbit.

As [artist id="2583152"]Flo Rida[/artist] drives around the country promoting his upcoming album, R.O.O.T.S., the "Right Round" rapper has come under scrutiny for an alleged incident involving animal cruelty.

According to Lexington, Kentucky, television station WKYT, police are still looking for the MC's tour bus — which is wrapped in a huge advertisement for his album and single — because of allegations from witnesses that two men exited the vehicle on Wednesday in Lexington and committed an act of cruelty on an animal.

A witness told an animal-control officer that they reportedly saw the men kill a rabbit, get back on the bus and drive away. Lexington Police, Kentucky State Police and Lexington Animal Control began investigating the incident immediately. When contacted on Thursday, a spokesperson for the Lexington Police confirmed that the department has issued an alert in an attempt to find the bus, but had no further information on the alleged incident. A spokesperson for Lexington Animal Control did not return calls for comment at press time.

It's unclear if Flo Rida (born Tramar Dillard) was involved in the alleged incident, but the rapper's label has issued a statement in which Rida denies anyone in his entourage harmed an animal. "While no one in my party was in any way involved in any incident, the media report that I saw was sickening. As an animal lover, I would never want to see cruelty inflicted upon them."

WKYT reported that at this point animal-control officers just want to question the people who were on the bus. Flo Rida's label had no further comment on the allegations.