DJ T-Roc Makes His Name By 'Showing Love' To Atlanta Artists

Spinner at T.I.'s Club Crucial likes seeing new songs 'blow from the ground up.'

ATLANTA — The coveted DJ T-Roc co-sign — oh, how they crave it.

For 15 years, Tyrone "T-Roc" Young has been one of the spinners in the Dirty South known for breaking records. He had a wicked hot streak during his 12-year stint as the house DJ at former ATL hot spot the Poole Palace. The Shop Boyz's "Party Like a Rockstar," DJ Unk's "Walk It Out," Dem Franchise Boyz's "Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It" and "I Think They Like Me," D4L's "Laffy Taffy" — T-Roc was the first to give those songs a real shot.

"I appreciate it, first and foremost," Roc said of accolades from artists such as Shawty Lo. "We're all putting in hard work. I like to see artists grow. I like to see it blow from the ground up. I got an ear for music, and I know what the crowd likes. Everybody that's showing love, I just appreciate it, man."

For the past few years, Roc has been spinning at T.I.'s Club Crucial, where a guy named Soulja Boy Tell'em got some of his first burn.

"Soulja Boy ['Crank That'], we went hard on that one," he said. "With the MySpace push he had, it was a no-brainer. ... If you listen to his records, you can tell his influence. He mentions Poole Palace a lot." Shawty Lo's "Dey Know" and Yung L.A.'s "Ain't I" are a couple of other songs Roc had a hand in breaking.

Roc was recently showered with birthday love for a whole week. He had seven days of festivities, starting March 8, to celebrate his born day at a myriad of clubs throughout Atlanta, including the Libra and Club Crucial, and many of the artists he helped put on the map — such as Rocco and V.I.C. — came out to celebrate with him.

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"The first birthday bash was off the chain," he said about his first big party a couple of years ago. "It's off the chain in the A. They had so many people showing me love, they shut it down at 11. So I had to do it for a week this year."

When the Poole Palace lost its buzz, Roc moved on to T.I.'s Club Crucial and has set up shop there for close to a year now. Some of the new records he said are bound to blow up are the Kid Yayo's "Everything for the Money" and Sneed's "Love It When They Hate."

When asked who he thinks is going to be the next big DJ from his town, Roc said DJ Infamous.

"Shouts out to Infamous," Roc said. "He's doing his thing. Infamous has been doing his thing, he's been on the grind. Everywhere he goes, he's representing with cats all over the city. He has a good head on his shoulders. Every time he hears something good out of Crucial, he says, 'Bring it to me,' he puts it on the air."

Roc has his own set of spinners setting up shop Down South: the Roc Harder DJs. He also has Roc Harder magazine, which covers independent artists as well as major acts.

"The next issue will be out in April," he said. "8Ball & MJG are on the cover. The publishing game is real nice. I break records through magazines too."