V Factory Member Contemplates Tour With Girlfriend Ashley Tisdale

Lady Gaga is also on the boy band's list of artists they'd hit the road with.

[artist id="3069040"]V Factory[/artist] may not play their own instruments like the [artist id="2088128"]Jonas Brothers[/artist], but they're banking on the tried-and-true boy-band formula to make them successful: Throw together five good-looking young men who sing catchy songs and watch the girls swoon.

"I never dreamed I was going to be in a boy band, ever," Asher Book told MTV News. "But it's down my alley because I've always been in the music world and the acting world."

Although being five guys from five different backgrounds was hard to get used to at first, the guys eventually worked it all out. "It took us a while to find our sound. We all get along, so it worked out," Wesley Quinn said. "We all wanted to be in the entertainment industry somehow."

Another thing the guys have gotten used to is the constant inquiries as to just what the name "V Factory" means. But they're still not telling. "It's a hidden meaning between all of us," Book said. "People usually come up with their own thing. The 'factory' part of our name originated from a popular nightclub in New York called the Sound Factory where Madonna hung out."

The guys, who recently released their single "Love Struck" and expect to put out a record this summer, are also looking forward to hitting the road in a few months, although they don't know who they'll be sharing the stage with just yet. "I think Lady Gaga has a lot going for her," Quinn said, before the perfect tourmate became obvious.

Since Ashley Tisdale has a new album coming out and she's dating V Factory member Jared Murillo, a summer tour might be the perfect way to keep the romance alive. "Yeah, maybe that could be a possibility," he said. "Her album is going to be great. I think everyone's going to be surprised."