John Cena Wants To Work With 50 Cent: 'Hit Me Up!'

'12 Rounds' star says he's 'still trying to keep in touch with the hip-hop.'

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena said he's listening to a lot of vintage country music these days, from [artist id="150196"]Willie Nelson[/artist] to [artist id="150217"]Waylon Jennings[/artist], but he's still heavily into hip-hop. On Wednesday in New York, he was in Cold Stone Creamery, freestyling and telling MTV News about a few rap collaborations he has coming up even while he was touting his new action flick from "Cliffhanger" director Renny Harlin, "12 Rounds.".

"Still trying to keep in touch with the hip-hop," said Cena, who will be trying to get his belt back at a World Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match on Sunday at "WrestleMania XXV" against Edge and the Big Show. "I did a song with Snoop. I'm about to do something with [artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist]. Doing some stuff with [artist id="2128811"][Tha] Trademarc[/artist] — he helped me do my solo project, so I'm returning the favor there. [artist id="960765"]Freddie Foxxx[/artist] [a.k.a.] Bumpy Knuckles, who did our track "Bad Bad Man," which is featured on [movieperson id="262582"]Seth Rogen[/movieperson]'s new trailer [for] [movie id="383180"]'Observe and Report.'[/movie] [Seth] kinda hooked it up. A good look for us there. I'm doing some stuff with him. And I'm kinda on call. I did some stuff for Back40 Records, which is an independent label owned by Carl Edwards, NASCAR driver. ... I'm getting in where I fit in."

Cena said his busy schedule as a wrestler and actor doesn't afford him much time to focus on a follow-up to his 2005 rap debut, You Can't See Me. However, he does want to work with the G-Unit on some things.

"There was awhile where it was cool to beef with everybody," Cena said of the 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross feud. "I think that stuff has died down. So I don't know the legitimacy of this beef. And 50, if you're out there listening, I love [artist id="860639"]50 Cent,/MTVNLINK>. He's one of my favorite artists. I love G-Unit. Lloyd Banks is also one of my favorite artists. If you want to meet up and you want to do some cool stuff, don't think I'm being biased towards Rick Ross. I certainly don't care about the personal issues you guys have — that's your business. I'm just doing what I'm doing. I'd love to stay right — 50, call my cell. You've got my number. Hit me up. Hit my people up."

Cena's new movie "12 Rounds"[/artist] hits theaters Friday.