Jordin Sparks Ready For Jonas Brothers Romance Rumors

'Bring it on!' singer says of possible gossip involving her tourmates.

When she heads out on the road with the Jonas Brothers this summer, [artist id="2807016"]Jordin Sparks [/artist]knows there's a good chance that magazines and gossip sites will romantically link her to at least one of the guys. And she's just fine with that.

"That is so funny, because I have had so many people tell me that, and I am like, 'Oh great, here we go,' " she told E! News. "It is really funny, but I am ready. ... Bring it on!"

Since it's likely that she'll be linked to one of the brothers at some point during the trek, Sparks was asked which one she'd like to share a headline with. "I don't know," she said. "I think it would be scandalous on either side, because I think Kevin and Joe are taken at the moment and Nick is a lot younger than me."

It seems that Sparks didn't get the memo that Nick may also be off the market. Well, she'll have a lot of time to learn all about the boys when she hits the road with them, and she's very excited to get the tour started.

"I am so stoked. What I've got confirmed so far are the U.S. tour dates, and it is a pretty long tour. I think it's close to 50 dates, and they keep adding more," she said. "I met them a couple years ago, and they are really great people. We've kept in contact and our paths have crossed. I am very excited to go on tour with them."

In addition to touring with her friends, the tour will also give Sparks the chance to meet some of the JoBros' biggest supporters: "It'll expose me to a whole bunch of other fans."