Akon Addresses Suge Knight's Alleged Involvement In Employee's Robbery

TMZ reports that people affiliated with Knight invaded the home of producer Detail early Wednesday.

NEW YORK — On Wednesday morning (March 25), TMZ reported that people allegedly affiliated with Suge Knight robbed producer Detail, one of [artist id="1240040"]Akon[/artist]'s employees. The Grammy winner was surprised to hear of the events when he arrived in NYC on Wednesday.

"I just got in from overseas to do this U.N. [show], and all this news hit me at one time," 'Kon said. "He's actually a producer I signed recently. Even [Detail], I couldn't get in contact with him to get the full story. I'm trying to find out the story from him before I can put it out on record."

In February, Akon's manager was arrested for knocking Knight out at a party. Akon said he hasn't been "cleared" to speak on that incident and that he and Knight had no prior beef.

"All I know, we always had peaceful conversations," 'Kon said of Suge. "I'm trying to figure out why it's escalating to this extent. We never had no problems. All I can do is the right thing. Everything always works itself out."

A rep for the Los Angeles Police Department told MTV News that around 2:30 a.m., four to five men invaded the Van Nuys home of up-and-coming producer Detail (real name: Noel Fisher). They used physical force to ransack the home and take everything from computers to jewelry to recording equipment. Police say no guns were used, but the victims told officers that the assailants threatened to pull weapons out if they did not cooperate. The police also say Knight's possible involvement was being investigated.

Akon was at the U.N. with producer/composer Peter Buffet. The two have a philanthropic Web site called IsThereSomethingICanDo.com and are promoting awareness about human trafficking. The two were set to debut a collaboration called "Blood Into Gold."

"The concept is how people take blood and turn it into gold," Akon said. The performers are working in conjunction with YourCause.com.