Ashley Tisdale Reveals Her 'Dancing With The Stars' Picks

'High School Musical' star's money is on gymnast Shawn Johnson, but she calls Julianne Hough and Chuck Wicks 'so cute.'

[url id=""]Ashley Tisdale[/url] knows a thing or two about dancing, thanks to her work as the catty Sharpay in the first three "High School Musical" movies. So it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the singer/actress follows "Dancing With the Stars." This season, Tisdale is banking on an Olympic athlete to take home the gold.

"I think Shawn [Johnson] is a really good one. I think Shawn is good," she told MTV News about the 17-year-old gymnast. "I think [she could win], and [her partner] Mark Ballas is a really good dancer as well."

But Tisdale isn't counting out any of the contestants, including Steve-O and Lil' Kim, adding, "I love Julianne [Hough] and her boyfriend [country singer Chuck Wicks]. They're definitely so cute, and they're really sweet in real life."

In the past, Disney acts like the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus have performed on the show, and some Disney stars have even been part of the cast. Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan, "High School Musical" actress Monique Coleman and "Hannah Montana" star Cody Linley have all competed.

Tisdale, who's busy promoting her album Guilty Pleasure and the movie "They Came From Upstairs," isn't quite ready to make the leap into competitive dancing. "I don't know," she said. "Not yet!"