Zac Efron Reportedly Drops Out Of 'Footloose' Remake

'Efron told the studio last week that he did not want to do another musical,' source tells

Zac Efron might not be getting "Footloose" anytime soon. The "High School Musical" star has reportedly dropped out of the remake, reports.

According to the Web site, [movieperson id="438080"]Efron[/movieperson] decided to drop out of the movie in order to take on different kinds of roles. On top of the "HSM" franchise, the actor also sang and danced his way through "Hairspray."

"Efron told the studio last week that he did not want to do another musical at this point in his career," a senior member of the production team told the site. The source added that Efron had script approval and used a loophole to get out of his contract. "People had been working on this project since last July," the source said. "We were all shocked."

At press time, a rep for Efron had not responded to MTV News' requests for comment.

Aside from the upcoming flick "17 Again," Efron also has the more serious "Me and Orson Welles," set for release sometime this year. Efron has expressed a desire to take on more mature roles, and has even shared intimate details about his personal life.

"As far back as I can remember, I couldn't understand or relate to a lot of kids," he recently told Elle magazine. During that interview, he also disclosed an intimate anecdote about his personal life. "My mom is like, 'Zac, what did you buy in a sex shop?' " Efron said. "I was like, 'Mom, calm down, it's not a sex shop.' She wouldn't have any of it. She's like, 'I knew you were being sexual!' But she understood. My stocking was full of condoms this Christmas. She buys me the economy box."

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