Ciara Heats Up With Justin Timberlake In 'Love Sex Magic' Video

Singer says she took inspiration from sexy Las Vegas cabaret shows.

One thing you can say about Ciara's new video for her song, "Love Sex Magic," which finds her and Justin Timberlake indulging in sexy dance moves and near make-out sessions — it lives up to the song's name.

"It's all about showing another side of me with this video," [artist id="1801883"]Ciara[/artist] said about the video. "I'm basically giving you a show you'd see in Vegas — and it's my love, sex and magic show. He's the voyeur and I play with him a little bit. I got my inspiration from the Crazy Horse [Cabaret] show and just from the shows [in Vegas], period. It's giving you the elements of love and sex and magic."

For his part, [artist id="1231683"]Timberlake[/artist] said, "I just kind of wanted to create a song for a female that was along the same lines as a male who could have swagga on an album," he said of the duet. "She just fit the song so perfectly."

The duo really turn up the heat for the video: Ciara is scantily clad in several different bodysuits while grinding and dancing with Timberlake, as well as on a metal beam. It was an experience Ciara said she didn't mind at all. "Working with Justin as an artist and producer was really fun for me," she said. "[He's] very cool, very humble. I have a lot of respect for him."

Of course, Ciara got plenty [url id=""]steamy in a photo shoot for Vibe[/url] magazine last year, for which she later insisted she did not pose nude, although the magazine's editor disagreed.

"Love Sex Magic" will be featured on Ciara's new album, Fantasy Ride, due out this spring.